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Ferias Legales is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization committed to educating, assisting, and facilitating community empowerment through free legal resources for the underserved communities.

Our work is not easy but it is necessary and only possible through the support of loyal attorney and non-attorney volunteers and community partners who believe in the same mission and donate their expertise and time to ensure the community has access to free legal services.

Ferias Legales is proud to build bridges among communities and disciplines to provide comprehensive and free services to the community and in their native language. Our community partners range from elected officials including among others, Honorable Gil Cedillo and Honorable Nanette Barragan, to sole legal practitioners and private mental health clinicians. We also collaborate with community centers in various cities and communities.

How can you support our mission:

1. Become involved and volunteer. Donating your time is the most valuable donation you can provide to the community and Ferias Legales. For more information on volunteer opportunities or upcoming events please contact Maria Torres at [email protected]

2. Donate. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3), Ferias Legales relies on the support of its volunteers and donors who believe in its mission statement and community empowerment. All donations are tax deductible. To donate or support a particular project, please contact Maria Torres at [email protected] or submit your donation on our "donate" page of this website. 

3. Support your community and request a free event from Ferias Legales. Ferias Legales is open to community requests. All requests must be submitted by filling out the “Request for Community Event” form and emailed to Maria Torres at [email protected] with “Request for Community Event” in subject line. 

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