Ferias_Legales_Logo.jpgFerias Legales has regular events (often more than once a week, please see our "events" section for the calendar)

Additionally, Ferias Legales is proud to have programs that are created to assist the community with free legal help in different communities, cities and counties. This programs (in the form of clinics, fairs, and partnerships) are in addition to our regular events and with the goal of community empowerment through free legal services and resources. 

1. Second Chances Expungement Clinic where attorneys and Ferias Legales’ interns provide education and free application assistance to qualifying individuals.

2. "Naturalizate Hoy: Clinicas Gratuitas de Ciudadania" where attorneys and non-attorney volunteers, under the supervision of licensed attorneys, work together to provide free assistance with the N400 application to qualifying individuals. This Clinics are conducted in partnership with Hoy Los Angeles and Centro Jalisco. 

3. "Los Angeles Sin Fronteras: Free Legal and Resource Fair" where attorneys, mental health experts and judicial officers come together to have expert panels. Licensed attorneys provide free legal consultations in various areas of law. This Annual Fair is conducted in partnership with Centro Jalisco Los Angeles. 

4. "End the Cycle: A Domestic Violence Victim Empowerment Clinic" where attorneys, mental health experts, and victim advocates come together to delivery of service, tangible support, and education to the community to “Break the Cycle” of violence against victims of domestic violence. This Annual Clinic is conducted in partnership with Centro Jalisco Los Angeles.

5. Increasing Diversity in the Law:  in a partnership with Rio Hondo College and its Pathway to Law School Program, various programs have been developed and launched to provide opportunities, support, exposure and mentorship to students in the Program. For example,  the first-of-its-kind structured “Student Mentorship Program” where undergraduate students who demonstrate an interest in the law were paired with bench officers and attorneys, was launched. Said program, along with others, have the goal of increasing diversity in the legal field. On February 24, 2018, Rio Hondo College and its Pathway to Law School Program received the "Diversity Champion Award" for its excellence and leadership in introducing students to careers in the law among other community colleges. 

To learn more about the clinics/programs, please contact Interim Director: Maria Torres at [email protected] or at (213) 842-6214.

To volunteer, please email the "register for event' form (click here for form) to: Maria Torres, Interim Director, [email protected]

To request a free Clinic in your community, please email the "Request for Community Event" form (click here for form) to: Maria Torres, Interim Director, [email protected]

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